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MAILI VOLUME coffret 4x1ml

MAILI VOLUME coffret 4x1ml

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Maili's versatile volumizer to rejuvenate and revitalize with a soft filling gel, while shaping features for refined results.


Maili Volume

Maili Laboratories by Sinclair Pharma

Created as a perfect synergy between Science, Beauty and Art, MaiLi is the ideal partner for professionals who wish to combine the technicality of their profession with efficiency and safety. Thanks to the power of the first cross-linking technology of hyaluronic acid (HA) OxiFree, MaiLi Extreme requires 24% less filler, with a longevity of up to 1 year for all products in the range.

Quality: We take great care in the manufacture of MaiLi fillers.

Effectiveness: MaiLi Extreme can treat areas by reducing the volume of product injected by 24%.

Longevity: MaiLi's advanced technology creates long-lasting gels, lasting up to 1 year, including in the lips.

Comfort: While using lidocaine for a more comfortable experience.

OxiFree™ Technology

: Long chains of high molecular weight hyaluronic acids (HA) are dissolved to form a solution through a hydration process

Crosslinking: OxiFree removes reactive oxygen species to preserve natural amino acid chains

Extraction : A combination of long chains of HA is naturally cross-linked to low levels of BDDE thus turning the solution into a soft gel

Sterilization : The HA network is preserved throughout sterilization to give a gel with unique rhetorical properties

maili volume

Purpose of the processing of the MAILI VOLUME

Designed to add volume to the face



- Facial reconstruction of structural defects of congenital or medical origin: volume lost due to HIV-associated lipoatrophy

- Aesthetic treatment of deep cutaneous depressions of the face

- Volume increase

facial tissue

Characteristics of the MAIL VOLUME

- Depth of injection: Subcutaneous adipose tissue or supraperiosteal zone

Volume per syringe: 1 ml

4 x 27G needles

Number of syringes: 4 individually packaged

HA concentration 21 mg/ml

Lidocaine content 3 mg/ml

Areas treated by the MAILI VOLUME

- Temples

- hides

- play

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